Game Development

Torque Drift

Developed by Grease Monkey Games, Torque Drift is a full fledged mobile drifting game. Start as a grass roots drifter, build your car, earn sponsors, and compete on the world stage in online multiplayer tandem battles!

Torque Drift is currently available on Android, iOS and early acces on Steam.
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As a Unity Developer on Torque Drift over a ten month period (2018-2019) my contribution included:
- Game Controller integration; Button mapping, steering wheel controller (PC), Rewired Unity asset
- Mobile steering controls; Tilt, Slider, On screen steering wheel
- UI tutorials
- Photo capturing
- Video recording
- Drone like camera controller


Plumpees is a mobile character collection game developed in Unity, which some say is a cross between snake and Pikman. Plumpees was developed over a three month period by ENGON gaming and was intended to be released on Android and iOS.

plumpees game intro plumpees desert game play plumpees island game play

Space Shot

Space Shot is a mobile obstacle avoidance game developed in Unity, where you need to sling shot your rocket to safety before being sucked into the black hole below. Space Shot was developed over three days during a game jam and is currently available on Android and iOS.

space shot home jpeg space shot gif space shot score jpeg

Endless Keep

Endless Keep is a rouge like dungeon crawler with limitless levels developed in Unity where the player must defeat waves of enemies to progress to the next level. Endless Keep was developed over a two week period by two programmers and utilised my amazing art skills!

endless keep gif endless keep game play gif

WASD Arrow - Hard

WASD Arrow is a five second game deveeloped in Unity, where the player has to correctly type the four key combinations to win. The game was originally made to be part of a main game composed of many five second games in a Wario World format. However, this vesion was to difficult and was used in the boss levels instead.

wasd four png

WASD Arrow - Easy

WASD Arrow Two is the second iteration of WASD Arrow; in this version the player only has to correctly type key combinations for two keys instead of four to win.

wasd two png